Company Profile

PT. BUMI MAS JAYA PERKASA founded in mid of year 2006, and just started to market with high quality products and considering to engineering value, safety factor and profesionalism to execute on our business, we cooperate with world class manufacturer, such as QUAKEWRAP STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING SYSTEM and as “RETROFIT EXPERTS” to increase strength or reinforce the member of structures and at the same time to protect from corrosions/carbonations and we also have KANSAI PAINT (JAPAN) & SUPERIOR COATING for CORROSION ,FIRE PROTECTIONS even for Extreme enviroments. Those materials to be used for construction, Protection , maintenance and structural strengthening.

We are committed to technological advancement through investment in cutting edge technology and collaborations with established high tech companies. Built on a vision of technological progress and strong customer relations, PT. BUMI MAS JAYA PERKASA is well placed in pursuit of business excellence.

PT. BUMI MAS JAYA PERKASA provides: maintenance, repair, application and reinforcing many kind of steel, concrete, timber, wall structures, marine structure, . Our staff is comprised of engineers, designers, and field technician/applicators. PT. BUMI MAS JAYA PERKASA places an emphasis of Quality Assurance.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, the highest Quality materials and most comprehensive technical in engineering field.

Please contact to our staff for more detail to solve your problem without any charges

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